Best Bath Bomb Colorants That Do Not Stain

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If you are planning to make bath bombs at home but are unsure of the colors to choose and want colorants that do not stain, you are at the right place. Here, we have reviewed the best bath both colorants that do not stain. Each bath bomb colorant set is worth investing in, no matter your needs and budget level. 

1. Mica Pigments 50 Colors Set

This set provides a variety of colors, and it will make your creation (soap, bath bombs, resin, and make-up) stand out with their amazing colors. The 50 dye colors blend fast, making them suitable for bath bombs and soap making.

MICA powder is worth investing in because it is animal-friendly, stain-free, irritant-free, and soft to the skin. All the ingredients are FDA-approved so that your kid’s safety is guaranteed. The dyes are 0.1 oz each, and the set comes in a box with 50 individually packed colors.

Mica pigments are built to maintain their brightness for a long time and do not fade easily. It gives great results when added to glue, paint, epoxy, alcohol, and other types of vanishes.


  • The colorants are versatile and easy to use
  • Suitable for bath bombs and soap
  • It is stain-free, animal-friendly, and non-toxic


  • The quantities in the bag are small. 

2. 25 Color Mica Powder – Bath Bomb Dye Powder

This bath Bomb dye kit has 25 vibrant colors that will meet all your color requirements and make DIY soap making easy. You can create stunning effects in epoxy resin with these rich pigment powders. The mica powder pigment is great for making epoxy resin, bath bombs, slime, acrylic, nail polish, eye shadow, blush makeup, and many more.

The colorants are made from FDA-approved ingredients, making them non-toxic, irritant-free, stain-free, and safe for your skin. Moreover, no prep is needed, and it comes with instructions, including detailed steps. If you are on a budget, it is the best to purchase because its price is reasonable.


  • Suitable for various applications
  • They are non-toxic and kid-friendly
  • Stain-free and they leave no residue


  • Not suitable for candle making. 

3. Original Stationery Mica Powder

Mica powder is a good set that will enable you to create resin kit creations, bath bombs, slime, or DIY soap. The set is safe to use on lips, face, skin, and eyelids, making it 100% non-toxic. Besides, it is highly contrasted and maintains its brightness for long without fading.

Other than making bath bombs, it can be used to make jewelry because the powder melts quickly and dissolves evenly. If you are worried about your bath bomb being stained, don’t worry because the colorants don’t stain, and they give the best creations. In addition, the colors are appealing, and they will stand out for a long time without fading.


  • The colorants do not stain your bath bomb, clothes, or skin
  • 100% safe for kids
  • Highly pigmented to last for a long time without fading


  • The colorants are not bright enough. 

4. 16 Colors Bath Bomb Soap Dye

This is a reliable set of 16 appealing colorants, which disperse and blend easily. They will help you create custom colors and colored patterns in your bath bombs. The colorants are made of carboxymethylceullose sodium and food-grade ingredients that are safe to use. With their quality pigmentation, you can use them to create appealing bath bombs or use them with any molds.

It has a set of 16 bottles beautiful colors, and the formula has been adjusted so that you can enjoy this soap-making set. You can create your color, mix different colors, and you will have a new shade. In addition, you can use beautiful colors for dyeing bath bombs, CP soaps, playdough, slime, bath salt, etc.

The good thing about the colorants is that they won’t stain your bathtub, clothes, or skin, even when left for some time.


  • The colors are intense and vibrant
  • All the ingredients are food-safe and non-toxic
  • The bath bomb dye comes at an affordable price
  • You can use it to create layered effects and contours


  • All the colors have the same concentrated pigment. 

5. Bath Bomb Mold Set with Soap Colorant – DecorRom

This is another valuable kit for making bath bombs that won’t stain. In the kit, you will get 3 sizes of 8 pieces molds and 12 color soap dyes for making different size bath bombs. The liquid colorants are made of FDA-approved ingredients, while the bath bomb molds are made of food-grade aluminum alloy.

DecorRom provides detailed instructions that make working with bath bomb supplies easy, even for beginners. You can use the shrink bags to keep the bath bombs under protection. The molds can be used for making cheese, chocolate, mousse, etc. Furthermore, the liquid soap dye can color soaps or bath bombs.

Overall, the bath bomb mold set is the best option for anyone who loves homemade crafts, and it will suit any buyer on a budget.


  • The set is economical and convenient
  • Made of FDA-approved ingredients
  • It comes with a plastic bag for storing the bath bombs
  • Non-toxic and non-irritant


  • Unsuitable for making large bath bombs. 

6. Limino Bath Bomb Soap Dye

Limino bath bomb color kit contains a total of 12 soap dyes created with food-safe ingredients that are FDA-approved for safety. Each dye has different consistencies, and they do not require prior prep with oil or glycerin. You only have to blend them to achieve your custom colors.

The dyes are made of food-grade ingredients which are stain-free, irritation-free, toxic-free, and baby-friendly. You can make your DIY soap, and the bath bomb will stay vibrant thanks to the improved formula. What’s more, no preparation is required, and it comes with 14 clear instructions, including recipes and steps.

In addition, the colorants can be used for dying bath bombs, slime, bath salt, lotions, playdough, CP soaps, etc.


  • The dyes are non-toxic and baby-friendly
  • No prep is required, and they are easy to use
  • Economical and worth investing in
  • The colorants are attractive and clear


  • It does work well in cold process soap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are bath bomb colorants?

Bath bomb colorants are safe to use ingredients that can be used to add color to bath bombs. They are typically made of food-grade ingredients and pigments that will not stain your bathtub or skin.

2. Do bath bomb colorants expire?

No, bath bomb colorants do not expire. However, it is recommended that you store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

3. Are bath bomb colorants safe to use?

Yes, bath bomb colorants are safe to use. They are typically made of food-grade ingredients and pigments that will not cause any irritation or allergies.

4. Can bath bomb colorants be used to dye other things?

Yes, bath bomb colorants can be used to dye other things such as bath bombs, CP soaps, play dough, slime, etc. They are typically made of food-grade ingredients and pigments that will not stain your bathtub or skin.


In conclusion, the bath bomb colorants are safe to use ingredients that can be used to add color to bath bombs. They are typically made of food-grade ingredients and pigments that will not stain your bathtub or skin.

If you are looking for bath bomb colorants that do not stain, are safe to use, and can be used to dye other things, then we recommend the products above.

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