How to Eco-Friendly Wrap Bath Bombs?

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When it comes to wrapping bath bombs, there are a few environmentally friendly packaging materials that you can use. Some of them may be more ideal than others, but with a little bit of creativity, you can help reduce waste!

Let’s take a close look at this issue and some of the possible solutions.

Best Eco-Friendly Options To Wrap Bath Bombs

In reality, the best eco-friendly packing products that are ideal for bath bombs are a matter of searching for materials that can easily become compost. These include paper and edible packaging.

After this fact, special compostable products made from biodegradable plastics are another possibility. Here is a list of the best bio-friendly packing products that are the best possible choices for your bath bombs.

Gluten-based paper

Despite the number of websites that have DIY tutorials on how to make a clear gelatin-based plastic wrap, many from the Vegan community immediately reject this packaging option.

This is where rice paper that is primarily made from gluten and starch is better suited for sustainable packaging that is 100% natural. It makes a great wrapper for bath bombs and supports food-grade printing!

Two types of starch paper fall into the category of edible paper that make great choices for packaging for bath bombs.

Edible rice paper

Rice paper is very thin and paper-like which resembles tracing paper in many ways. It’s primarily made from rice starch and can be wrapped around smaller bath bombs no bigger than 1-1 in diameter.

If you can find larger rice paper sheets such as spring roll rice paper, these may work instead to cover larger-sized bath bombs. Some rice paper formulations also include tapioca which is stickier than 100% rice starch.

Potato wafer paper

This is made from potato starch and will obviously be thicker and has a surface texture that feels like a stiff version of craft felt. It can be folded easily enough and all of these sheets are A-4 sized making it ideal for large bath bombs.

The advantage to this type is potato starch paper is that it can be sent through select printers with vegetable-based inks. Unless you use a custom stamp and food-grade ink, you can put labels in this edible paper easily enough.

Seaweed paper

One of the new products that are starting to get some serious attention for being very bio-friendly is seaweed paper. It’s not exactly the cheapest product on the list but is getting attention for being very biodegradable because it’s made from seaweed.

Since this packaging paper is perfect for dry products, it also has a very earthy feel that can be printed on to include a select logo in any printer.

Biodegradable plastics

You might not believe that cling wrap is going to be bio-friendly but there are plenty of plastic wraps that are available. For rounded bath bombs, this cling wrap is presentable and attractive.

It can be trickier to work with since it is made from materials that are clingier than everyday clink wrap, but this can be managed with delicate wrapping skills once you get used to working with it.

Natural paper

As long as paper such as parchment paper doesn’t have special coatings on it, this is perfect for being eco-friendly.

Finding thin versions of natural paper will depend on the type of paper that is used so it can wrap around bath bomb shapes without looking wonky.

Newspaper is one possible option to use real paper while helping mitigate waste.

It can also be tied off using 100% pure twine which is also nice for adding a decorative bow or tied knot. Some alternative natural paper products fit into this category.

Crepe paper

This paper is very thin and often is colored with vibrant solid shades that are suitable for gift wrapping and packaged items including bath bombs.

Crepe paper is also easy to find in any craft store and is very cheap as far as budgets are concerned.

Your bath bombs need to be totally dry otherwise crepe paper will start to soak through and bleed the color of the paper onto a bath bomb.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is another good choice because it’s near-transparent and very flexible for wrapping around any kind of bath bomb shape. The good thing is that tissue paper is also going to include color shades that range from bright colors to subtle pastel shades.

This paper will tear very easily so there is a need for being careful while using it. This is why it might be better to double wrap rounded bath bombs.

Kraft paper

Kraft paper is nearly the same as what most older folks call butcher paper. It’s great for folding into many shapes and will be perfect for making custom box-like shapes for rounded bath bombs.

It will also glue easily with a glue stick if you decide to make custom-made boxes.

When this paper is crumbled, it can wrap around odd shapes easier and will have a creative texture that might become more appealing for home-based sellers of bath bombs.

Coffee filters

One of the oddest eco-friendly bath bomb packaging alternatives is an ordinary paper filter made from 100% paper pulp.

The types of filters that work best are the bucket filters that go into standard pour-over coffee devices and machines.

The best part is that these paper filters often have fluted edges that look decorative when wrapped around large bath bombs and tied off with natural twine.

Is Eco-Friendly Packaging More Expensive?

Eco-Friendly packaging is not necessarily more expensive. It depends on the type of packaging you choose.

Environmentally friendly materials like Kraft paper and natural papers like parchment are going to be more expensive than using recycled newsprint for wrapping tissue paper.

But, if you’re clever about it, there are many ways to use cheap or free materials that still look attractive and earthy. In the end, the cost is relative and entirely up to you.

When it comes to environmentally friendly wrapping materials for your bath bombs, there are many great choices to choose from.

It’s important to select a wrapping material that is going to be safe for the environment and also look good.

Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials For Bath Bombs?

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly packaging materials for your bath bombs, the best place to start is by checking online. There are many websites that sell recycled or sustainable materials that would be perfect for your needs.

You can also find environmentally friendly packaging materials at local craft stores. These stores often have a variety of papers, twines, and other materials that can be used for wrapping your bath bombs.

If you’re looking to save money, you can also try looking online for discount materials. There are many websites that sell surplus or overstock environmentally friendly packaging materials at a fraction of the price.

Best Places To Find Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials


You can even find some materials on sites like Etsy. However, you need to find supplies in bulk if you want to save money and benefit from economies of scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will environmentally-friendly packaging be more expensive?

There can be a higher upfront cost for environmentally friendly materials but in the long run, it can save you money because it’s more biodegradable.

What if I don’t have time to wrap my bath bombs myself?

Many online stores sell environmentally-friendly packaging for bath bombs.

I’m not very crafty, is there an environmentally friendly way to package my bath bombs?

Yes! There are many environmentally friendly ways to package your bath bombs, you can find environmentally friendly packaging materials at most craft stores.

Will environmentally friendly packaging look professional?

Yes! Many environmentally friendly materials look professional and can give your bath bombs a high-end look.


In conclusion, environmentally-friendly packaging is environmentally friendly, and it can also look professional.

There are many environmentally friendly materials that you can find at most craft stores which may be a better option for those who don’t have time to wrap their bath bombs or are not very skilled with crafts.

The environmentally-friendly materials we’ve provided will help you get started thinking about ways you can package your bath bombs in an environmentally friendly way!

Wrapping your bath bombs in environmentally friendly materials is not only a great way to reduce your environmental impact, but it can also give your bombs a more professional look.

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