Best Fragrance Oil Suppliers (High-End and Best Value)

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There are many fragrance oil suppliers available, but not all of them are created equal. When looking for fragrance oil suppliers for candle and soap making, it is important to choose a supplier that offers high-quality oils at a reasonable price.

We’ve put together a variety of the top rated fragrance oil suppliers and some other options for you based on quality and price. You can make sure you are getting the best deal possible when you use one of these top options when you are ready to make soap or candles.

Best High-End Fragrance Oil Suppliers

1. Veda Oils

Are you looking for fragrance oils for candle and soaps making? If so, Veda Oils has a massive collection of high-quality fragrance oils at reasonable rates. Veda Oils is one of the best high end fragrance oil suppliers that offer products at wholesale prices when bought in bulk.

2. Aromatic Fragrances International

It might surprise you but Aromatic Fragrances International has an incredible collection of about 10,000 different scents. On top of that, they offer free samples. However, whenever you reach out to them, make sure that you are ordering in bulk. And, the minimum order has to be around 10 pounds.

3. Eden Botanicals

Counted among one of the best fragrance oil suppliers, Eden Botanicals is a popular name worldwide because of its astounding service. They carry more than 260 natural, pure essential oils. Moreover, you can find a great amount of educational material that discusses fragrances and more on their website.

4. Makesy

When it comes to a great selection of fragrance oil, essential oils, and containers, Makesy is the name that you should consider. Apart from the oils, you get soap-making supplies, DIY kits, and other equipment necessary to utilize the oil in the best possible way.

5. Sweetcakes

If you are looking for a variety of fragrance oil blends needed for making candles, Sweetcakes is the way to go. The oils are pure and natural in every aspect as well. Also, they carry supplies and containers needed for making balm and soap.

6. Candle Wic

Apart from having fragrance oils, Candle Wic has designer and seasonal fragrances as well. Moreover, they sell wicks, wax, equipment, and containers apart from soap-making supplies. Besides, they have educational content all over their website that gives you an idea about fragrance oils.

Best Value fragrance oil suppliers

1. Wholesale Suppliers Plus

If you are looking for a fragrance oil supplier that offers competitive prices, Wholesale Suppliers Plus should be your choice. Besides, the company executives say that the low price will stay the same for customers who are thinking about a long-term relationship.

2. Wholesale Body Oils

Operating for more than two decades, the Wholesale Body Oils has earned a good reputation and is considered a big supplier worldwide. They are ready to guide any local or worldwide fragrance business in terms of wholesaling. Best customer service and competitive pricing make this supplier ahead of the competition.

3. Wellington Fragrance

It is another supplier that is popular for providing the best value fragrance oil worldwide. Apart from offering fragrance oils, Wellington Fragrance offers essential oils as well. Besides, they are offering fragrance oils in the form of seasonal scents. With different kinds of oils, they are ready to dominate the fragrance oil industry.

4. Candle & Supplies

It is another winner in the fragrance industry for providing oils at competitive prices. Candle & Supplies are wholesaling fragrance oils for over ten years and has earned a great reputation.

5. Nature Garden Candles

If you are planning to buy fragrance oils at cheaper prices, Nature Garden Candles is the right choice for you. All the products adhere to the strict guidelines set by the IFRA and RIFM. And, the company is big enough to cater to the demands of customers worldwide.

6. Just Scent

Another wholesaling fragrance oil supplier has gardened a lot of attention in recent years. Just Scent has a wide variety of fragrance oils and they come at a cheap price. Besides the low price, the company delivers high-quality products.

How to choose the right fragrance oil supplier

Before choosing the right oil supplier, you must be fully prepared to take the initiative with due diligence. Because the market is filled with plenty of products, finding reputed fragrance oil suppliers is challenging.

However, there are certain ways through which you can have a better understanding of what you are looking for. That way, it makes the whole procedure easy for you. In short, the outreach process becomes more seamless.

1. Have intense knowledge about your product

Having an idea about the product inside and out is an important step in finding the right fragrance oil supplier for you. It means you should have an initial idea of the product you intend to buy.

Manufacturers have almost every kind of product that you are looking for. Still, if you have something different in your mind, it is wise to pursue the idea until you find the right supplier.

2. Deciding the type of supplier you want

Apart from the product range that you are looking for, deciding on the type of supplier you want to do business with is equally important. Here are some questions that you may ask yourself before searching for a potential supplier.

  • Can they fulfill your order requirement?
  • What should be the turnaround time?
  • What about pricing?
  • Is there any minimum order quantity?

3. What about the allergen declaration from the supplier?

The fragrance industry is well aware of the fact that millions of people have issues relating to fragrance sensitiveness. Hence, it is very helpful whenever a supplier discloses the allergens in their product and aware prospective customers.

Trustworthiness from fragrance oil suppliers is highly regarded when it comes to following safety standards. Keeping that in mind, people with sensitive skin issues and allergies need to perform a patch test to take precautionary measures.

4. Longevity of the oil

When reaching out to reputed fragrance oil suppliers, another important thing to look out for is to know whether or not the product is worthy in terms of longevity. In general, suppliers tend to offer competitive prices for their products because they know the worth of the fragrance oil. Also, they will offer you the best price when they receive orders in bulk because they have gained your trust throughout the years.

5. Flashpoint is noted

The flashpoint is an important detail that you need to know especially when making a candle with fragrance oil. In general, a flashpoint is a specific point when the temperature of a certain fluid gives off vapor enough to cause ignition.

Hence, knowing about the flashpoint is a crucial precautionary measure. And, therefore a reputable fragrance oil supplier will provide you with the information.

6. Suggested dosages

Although not many have it, only the trustworthy suppliers will provide you with the suggested dosages marked for specific applications. Look out for reputable suppliers that go out of their way and guide their customers. Besides, it establishes a sense of trust with the clients.

How to choose a fragrance oil effectively

When it comes to choosing the best fragrance oils, there is no shortage of options. While some fragrance oil is seasonal, others are popular all year round. However, follow these tips to find out the best fragrance oils around you.

1. Compare scents that are similar with a few suppliers

Whenever you are planning to buy a new scent, it is wise to consider buying one after a comparison. So, make sure to compare the same scent with other fragrance oil suppliers. That way, you can have an idea about the reviews and pricing of the product.

Some suppliers might purchase the oil from another manufacturer. As such, the quality of the fragrance oil may vary. Hence, always compare before narrowing down your choices.

2. Reach out for samples

It is always good to consider having a 1 oz test sample bottle rather than buying a 5-pound fragrance oil bottle. That way, it allows you to try out the oil first before making a bulk purchase.

It is not a good thing to get stuck with a bigger quantity of fragrance that you don’t like much. Or, something that is not strong enough to hold the scent. Although requesting test samples might cost you a bit, it will save you a lot when it is about a long-term plan.

3. Lookout for supplier or manufacturer suggestions

Some suppliers offer suggestions regarding the types of fragrance oils that you should use with certain kinds of candles, lotions, or soaps. Moreover, they have suggestions regarding pouring temperature, fragrance oil load, wick size, and wick type.

This information is necessary and important when you are starting. You can follow this information as free advice.

4. If possible, get in touch with the suppliers

Apart from educational material and suggestions, some fragrance oil suppliers are happy to answer specific questions. That’s because they want to build credibility by fulfilling the needs of the customers. It is always great to have such kinds of suppliers by your side. Hence, look out for suppliers that stay by your side.

5. Don’t ignore the reviews

It saves you a lot when you are going through the reviews before making the purchase. The amount of information that you derive from others’ experiences is unmatched. Maybe there are issues when a fragrance oil gets combined with a particular type of wick or wax. And, there are lots of similar issues. So, read the reviews to find out something new about the product that you wish to buy.

Candle Fragrance Oil vs Soap Fragrance Oil

Candle fragrance oils and soap fragrance oils are not necessarily interchangeable, as they are formulated for different purposes and have different requirements. Here are some key differences between the two:


Candle fragrance oils are typically made with a higher concentration of synthetic fragrance compounds, as the heat from the candle flame can help to release the scent. Soap fragrance oils, on the other hand, are formulated to be skin-safe and are often made with natural ingredients like essential oils or plant extracts.


Candle fragrance oils are designed to work well with the heat and melting wax of candles, and may not perform as well in soap-making, which involves a different chemical process. Soap fragrance oils are formulated to work well with the oils and other ingredients in soap recipes, and are designed to hold up well over time.


Candle fragrance oils and soap fragrance oils may be subject to different regulations and safety standards, depending on the intended use. It’s important to check the labeling and safety information for each product and to use them only as directed.

Using a candle fragrance oil in soap-making could result in an inferior scent or skin irritation, while using a soap fragrance oil in candles may not produce the desired scent throw or performance. It is important to use fragrance oil for its manufacturer’s intended purpose.

How To Store Fragrance Oils

The fragrance oils may be prone to oxidation when exposed to heat, light, and air. As such, it is important to store your oils in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Moreover, the container should have an airtight lid.

Also, keep your oils stored separately as different types of fragrance oil can react with each other if mixed.

Finally, make sure to store the oils in a place that is away from young children and pets as some fragrance oils may be toxic or have skin irritations.

Do Fragrance Oils Expire?

Fragrance oils do not expire, however, their scent may weaken over time. Fragrance oils are composed of fragrance molecules that are created synthetically or extracted from natural sources. These molecules can break down and dissipate over time due to exposure to heat, light, and air. This is why it’s important to store them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

The shelf life of a particular fragrance oil depends on several factors such as the type of base used, the ingredients used, and how they are stored. On average, most fragrance oils will last for 3-5 years if stored properly. After that, the scent of the oil may weaken. Therefore, it’s best to use the oils within one year after opening them for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the fragrance oil is of good quality?

When looking for a fragrance oil, it is important to consider the quality of the oil. Look for fragrance oils that are made with high-quality ingredients and that have a good scent throw.

How do I know what fragrance oil is right for me?

Fragrance oil is a personal choice, so it’s important to try out different scents until you find one that you love. Focus on the fragrances that you know you enjoy for your first order.

What is the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil?

Fragrance oils are made with synthetic or natural ingredients, while essential oils are distilled from plants. Fragrance oils are often used in cosmetics and candles, while essential oils have a variety of therapeutic uses.

Can you use fragrance oil in candles and soap?

Some fragrance oils are made specifically for candles or soap. So check with the retailer or the manufacturer to make sure that the fragrance oil you have can be used in candles and soap.


When it comes to choosing the best fragrance oil, there are a few things you should consider. Compare similar scents with other suppliers, reach out for samples, look for manufacturer or supplier suggestions, get in touch with them if possible, and always read reviews about the product before making your purchase.

All these tips can help you find the perfect fragrance oil for your needs. With the right research and understanding, you can find the perfect fragrance oil for your project.

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