How To Clean Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelets (Lava Beads)

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Lava beads have become a popular choice for diffusing essential oils because of their natural porous properties. However, over time, the essential oils may leave a residue on the beads that can affect the smell and overall experience of using them.

In this article, we will show you how to remove essential oils from lava beads using both household items and essential oils themselves.

Removing Essential Oils From Lava Beads

Lava beads are nowadays used as necklaces and bracelets (among other popular wearables) due to their natural diffusing properties. However, you may want to clean your lava beads for applying another fragrance and essential oil, or for some other reason.

Regular cleaning of the beads will also so make them last longer.

Cleaning your Lava Beads on a Regular Interval

Something that comes in contact with the skin of the human body will carry body oil, sweat, and dirt sometimes. Therefore, the rock lava beads that you wear as jewelry will also collect these undesired substances.

Below is the process that you can follow for cleaning your lava beats from essential oils, dirt, and sweat.

Use Water and Soap

Water and soap are readily available and can be used for cleaning the lava beads. You can add a mild soap (for instance a bath soap or shower gel) to lukewarm water. Mix for a few seconds and a minute so that the bubbles come out.

At this point, you can put the lava bead necklace/bracelet/jewelry in the water-soap mixture. Wait for a few seconds and then pull the lava beads out of the mixture.

In a few minutes, the soap particles will engulf the essential oils. You can now use a cheap or used toothbrush (should be clean) and rub it on the surface of the lava beads.

Do the cleaning gently and you will see that minor suds are starting to come out. It shows that the dirt is being cleaned from the igneous pores of your lava bead and jewelry.

After a few minutes of cleaning, you can place the lava beads and the jewelry under tap water, so that all the old essential oils and the soap particles are removed. You can re-rinse the bracelet a few times to ensure that the smell of the soap goes away.

You can bathe the bracelet/jewelry in lukewarm water again so that all the soap particles are removed from the cavities of the jewelry.

You can give your lava beads jewelry a sniff to find out the smell it has. When you find that the smell of soap has gone away, you can use a clean cloth piece to clean the bracelet or the necklace.

A variety of hand rags and absorbent cloths can be used for this purpose.

Do Not Use Chemicals

One important fact to remember is that the chemicals used for cleaning the jewelry should not be used on the lava beads. These cleaners and chemicals are made for cleaning metal jewelry, including gold, platinum, and silver jewelry.

If such chemicals are used on lava beads, they will remain on the beads even after the cleaning process is done. They may also diffuse over a period, which can be bad for your health.

Vinegar and Water

Some people think that they should not use water for cleaning the lava beads, as it can cause the weakening of the porous igneous rock. In such cases, vinegar and warm water can also be used as an alternative.

Add 50 ml vinegar (of any kind) in a bowl filled with water. Mix the two substances so that you get an even mixture and solution. Now take a clean cloth and dip it into the mixture-containing bowl. The cloth will be soaked with the mixture.

Now you can rub this cloth on the lava beads and the jewelry. Ensure that you accomplish the cleaning in gentle motions. In a few seconds and a minute, you will see that dirt, as well as the old essential oils, are being removed.

The beads may also observe some water and vinegar during the cleaning process. You can remove these undesired substances as well later when you clean the igneous rock beads with water.

Why Use Lava Beads Jewelry

The rock lava beads jewelry offers many distinct benefits and advantages. Made from molten igneous rocks, these beads have a timeless look and appeal. They are lightweight and can be worn easily.

As they readily absorb essential oils, you can have any aroma on your jewelry, Essential oils are good for your respiratory and other body systems. Further, you can also clean the lava beads jewelry like bracelets and necklaces easily.

Therefore, you can always try and use new essential oils as well. Thus, the lava pieces of jewelry offer you many benefits, apart from an easy-to-clean and care procedure.

Pros and Cons Of Lava Bead Jewelry

When you are looking for essential oil diffusing jewelry, lava bead jewelry is a good option to consider. There are a few pros and cons of this type of jewelry you should be aware of before making your purchase.

The pros of lava bead jewelry:

  • The beads are made from natural materials and can easily absorb essential oils
  • The jewelry is lightweight and can be worn comfortably for extended periods
  • Lava bead jewelry is durable and will not wear or tarnish over time
  • There are many different styles and designs to choose from

The cons of lava bead jewelry:

  • The beads can be fragile if not handled with care
  • The essential oils may leave a residue on the beads after use which needs to be cleaned off
  • Not all essential

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people have about lava bead jewelry.

What is lava bead jewelry and where does it come from?

Lava bead jewelry is made from small, porous rocks called lava beads. These beads are created when molten rock ejected by a volcano cools and solidifies.

What are the benefits of using lava bead jewelry?

Lava bead jewelry has a number of benefits, including being made from natural materials, lightweight and comfortable to wear, durable, and available in many different styles and designs. It also absorbs essential oils easily, which can provide therapeutic benefits.

How do I care for my lava bead jewelry?

Lava bead jewelry is easy to care for. You can clean it with a cloth dampened with vinegar and water, or simply rinse it under warm water. Be sure to dry it well before storing.

What should I do if my lava bead jewelry gets wet?

If your lava bead jewelry gets wet, simply dry it off with a cloth and allow it to air dry completely before storing. Do not use any type of heat to dry it, as this could damage the beads.


In conclusion, lava bead jewelry offers a number of benefits, including being made from natural materials, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and durable.

It also absorbs essential oils easily, providing therapeutic benefits. The beads are easy to care for and can be cleaned with a simple mixture of vinegar and water.

Lava bead jewelry is a great option for those looking for essential oil diffusing jewelry. The jewelry is lightweight and comfortable to wear and is available in many different styles and designs.

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