Best Places to Buy Palm Oil for Making Soap

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If you’re looking for the best palm oil to use in soap making, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss where to buy palm oil and some of the benefits of using it in your soap-making recipes. So keep reading to learn more!

What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is the most extensively used vegetable oil worldwide. It is extracted from the oil palm tree’s fruits that are red because of their richness in beta-carotene.

These palm trees grow in different regions near the equator, by which they sprout bunches of palm fruits that are harvested throughout the year.

Palm oil is mainly used for cooking, though it’s also widely utilized in cosmetics. In cooking, palm oil is a significant ingredient for baking and making soups, sauces, and more.

In cosmetics, on the other hand, palm oil is the staple ingredient for many creams and soaps that we use on our skin.

There are plenty of benefits that palm oil packs which is why it is an essential ingredient in cooking and the cosmetics industry. For one, palm oil helps prevent vitamin A deficiency, as well as cancer and brain disease. Moreover, it is also used for treating blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Palm Oil and Soap Making

There are many reasons why palm oil is used in making soap; in fact, many advantages are tied with it. Not only are palm oils affordable and relatively easy to acquire, but they also contribute to the hardness of soap bars.

They also help add a stable and creamy lather to soaps while packing vitamins E and A, making them safe for use on the skin. Its long shelf life also makes it an economical product since it’s not easily prone to oxidation, unlike that of other oils.

If you’re uncertain about where you can procure palm oils for your soap-making venture or business, we have curated a list of the best places you can buy palm oil from.

Not everyone has access to a nearby soap supply store or a supermarket; because of this, you may have to get creative with where you source your palm oil by opting for local suppliers, stores, or online wholesale suppliers.

The stores and places listed below are only a few of the many options you can order from, so make sure that you check out the necessary information, so you’ll also know what kind of palm oil is best for you.

Best Places To Get Palm Oil For Making Soap

1. Local restaurant suppliers

Restaurants often need a constant supply of bulk cooking oils. For this, you can use plenty of cooking oils for soap making, body products, as well as other DIY personal care items.

Many restaurants utilize high oleic oil versions since they tend to last longer and have a longer frying time as well. The bonus to this is that your soap can also last longer when using such products.

Nonetheless, this is also a great place where you can buy palm oils, among many other things. However, this largely depends on the local restaurant available to you.

2. Costco or Costco business center

A Costco business center refers to a version of the store that specifically caters to small restaurants’ and businesses’ needs and demands.

If you’re just starting out in whatever venture your business is on, you can find a slew of collections here ranging from food and produce, office supplies, and of course, soap making.

You don’t have to be running an official business to be able to buy at Costco, though you will need a membership for it. You can also get your palm oil or other purchased items delivered to your home for convenience.

Apart from that, Costco is also part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and is dedicated to ensuring that its products are all sourced ethically.

3. Amazon

You can always buy palm oil on Amazon, especially since it provides a wide range of brands to choose from. Whatever you prefer, you can find RSPO-certified palm oils that you can acquire for making soap. There are also free shipping options to avail of when ordering.

4. Nativa

Based in Ecuador, you can order Nativa’s palm oil which is unrefined and entirely organic. Their palm oils are extracted from oil palm trees that grow abundantly on their Ecuador farms.

Moreover, Nativa produces environmentally-friendly and non-GMO palm oils, which are not only suitable for soap-making but also for making soups, sauces, and popcorn.

5. Essential Depot

This Florida-based palm oil supplier allows you to acquire bulk palm oils and base oils in one-gallon containers. Moreover, the products are also ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly as well.

6. Bramble Berry

Bramble Berry is located in Washington state and provides a wide array of supplies and oils in soap making, including soap-safe fragrance oils, palm oils, and essential oils.

They also offer a Handcrafted Rewards Program and can ship internationally to other countries as well.

7. Mountain Rose Herbs

Oregon-based Mountain Rose Herbs is a supplier that presents a comprehensive selection of botanicals, butter, and vegetable oils necessary for creating soap.

If you’re searching for an ethical and sustainable palm oil supplier that offers fair-trade, non-GMO, and organic products, you’ll find them at Mountain Rose Herbs.

8. Bulk Apothecary

Bulk Apothecary is a supplier based in Ohio where you can purchase raw and bulk soap-making ingredients as well as a wide range of essential oils that you need for cold process soaps. The store also provides wholesale pricing options.

9. H&B Oils Center Co.

The palm oil that H&B Oils Center Co. provides is bleached, refined, and deodorized while managing to keep all the healthy ingredients such as palmitic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

You can order from this store for your soap-making needs, as their palm oil is primarily used for skin care and cosmetic products. It can also help extend your soaps’ shelf life.

10. Saffire Blue

Ontario-based, Saffire blue has an excellent selection of exotic butter and bulk vegetable oils such as palm oil. They also have a distribution center based in Michigan.

For bulk orders, you usually need to wait about two weeks of processing before your item can be delivered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is a type of edible vegetable oil that is derived from the palm fruit, which grows on the African oil palm tree. Palm oil has been used for centuries in Africa as cooking oil, and it is also a popular ingredient in many processed foods.

What are the benefits of palm oil?

Palm oil is rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, which are antioxidants that can help protect the skin from damage. Palm oil also contains fatty acids that can help to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Where can I buy palm oil?

You can purchase palm oil from most grocery stores or online retailers. However, make sure to check the label to ensure that the palm oil is sustainably sourced.

How do I use palm oil in soap making?

Palm oil is a popular ingredient in soap making because it helps to create a bar of soap that is hard and long lasting. Palm oil can also help to create a rich, creamy lather. To use palm oil in soap making, simply add it to your melted base oils and stir until combined.

What are some other uses for palm oil?

In addition to soap making, palm oil can also be used in cooking, as a skin moisturizer, or as a hair conditioner.


In conclusion, palm oil is a versatile ingredient that has many benefits for both skin and hair. It is also a popular ingredient in soap making because it helps to create a bar of soap that is hard and long-lasting.

You can purchase palm oil from most grocery stores or online retailers, but make sure to check the label to ensure that the palm oil is sustainably sourced.

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