How To Make Liquid Black Soap (Two Methods)

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The African Black Soap or ABS is one of the most popular natural soaps that are being used for many centuries now. This soap helps in many ways as it comes with some of the best healing and nourishing properties.

If you want to use this soap for your benefit, then you make your liquid black soap which will be easier for you to use.

You can add different fragrances and essential oils that you love for your body. Making this African Black Soap in liquid form is quite easy and you can make that easily at your home.

Wondering about how to make the African Black Soap? Well, we are here to help you with that. Read on to know the step-by-step instructions.

How to make African Black Soap?

There are actually two different methods that you can use for making the African Black Soap in liquid form. These two methods are:

  • Cold method
  • Hot method

For both the methods, the ingredients and tools that you will need are same. These are:

  • One-fourth cup of ABS or African Black Soap
  • Two-third to one cup of water (it depends mainly on the density or the thickness that you want for the liquid soap)
  • A bottle (for storing the soap)
  • A bowl with a lid
  • 3 to 5 drops of your preferred essential oil (optional)
  • Half teaspoon of your preferred nourishing oil (optional)

When it comes to nourishing oils or essentials that you can use for this soap, you can use many options. These are – shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, honey, cocoa butter, peppermint oil, green tea oil, tea tree oil and many more. You have to understand which one of these options will suit best for you.

Making of liquid black soap – Hot Method

If you want to make the liquid black soap with the hot method, then you will have to follows these instructions thoroughly.

  • First of all, you have to heat the water unless and until it reaches to a slight boil
  • Then you have to mash or crumble the African Black Soap to ensure that it turns into smaller pieces
  • Now, you have to put these pieces back into the bowl (with the lid) that you have taken
  • Once you put all the pieces and dust into the bowl, you have to pour that hot water over the soap
  • Make sure to cover the bowl back with the lid
  • Then let it stay like that for about 2 hours to 6 hours (depending on the soap texture) to completely dissolve into the water

You can occasionally check the progress in every 1 hour or 2 hours. You can ever stir it gently for ensuring that the soap is getting dissolved perfectly.

After the soap gets completely dissolved, it is time for you to add your preferred nourishing oils and essential oils for adding fragrance and more goodness.

With these nourishing oils and essential oils, you can add some more moisturizing and nourishing properties into y our soap. But if you don’t want to add, then you can skip this and move on to the next step.

Once the soap is completely dissolved and you have/haven’t added the essential oils and nourishing oils into it.

You have to pour the black soap in liquid form into the bottle so that you can use it later.

Making of liquid black soap – Cold Method

This method is slightly different from that of the hot method. When you are transforming the African Black Soap into the liquid form, you do not have to use any heat for boiling the water. You have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to mash or crumble the soaps simply to break them into small pieces (as much as possible)
  • Then you have to pour normal temperature water over the soap and make sure to cover the bowl with the lid
  • Let this mixture stay like that for about 12 hours to 24 hours (overnight is preferable) for the soap to get completely dissolved
  • You can check it occasionally for every 4 hours to 6 hours to check the progress
  • Whenever you are checking, make sure to lightly stir the soap to ensure that the soap is getting dissolved perfectly

It will take longer time than that of the hot method. But it will become completely liquid in 12 hours to 24 hours. Now, when the soap is completely dissolved into the water, you can add the nourishing oils or the essential oils (if you want to).

This can help in enhancing the goodness and fragrance of the liquid black soap. If you do not want, then skip this adding oils step and move to the next one.

You have to pour the liquid form of the soap into the bottle that you have to use it for later use.

How to store the liquid black soap properly?

As the African Black Soap is a completely natural soap made up of natural recipe without any use of preservatives, you need to be careful when you are storing the soap. Here are some of the ways that you can apply for storing the soap:

  • It is better if you can use the product within just 1 to 3 days
  • But if not, then you can store the remaining soap in the fridge which can last for maximum of 7 days
  • You must use a properly cleaned bottle for storing the liquid soap for using it
  • Do not forget to close the lid of the bottle after every use
  • Store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight for the best result

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use liquid black soap on my face?

Yes, you can. The liquid form of the African Black Soap is gentle enough to be used on your face daily. It can help in cleansing your skin deeply and also nourish your skin perfectly without leaving it dry.

Where can I buy liquid black soap?

You can easily find liquid black soap in any Africa imports or online store that sells natural beauty products.

How long does liquid black soap last?

It depends on how you store the liquid black soap. If you properly store it in a cool place away direct sunlight, then the liquid black soap can last for about 1 to 2 months.

What are the benefits of liquid black soap?

The liquid form of African Black Soap is loaded with benefits. Some of the benefits include cleansing your skin, nourishing your skin, moisturizing your skin, and treating acne. It is also good for fading scars and dark spots.

Can I add essential oils to liquid black soap?

Yes, you can add essential oils to liquid black soap. This can help in enhancing the goodness and fragrance of the liquid black soap.


These are the two main ways by which you can make liquid black soap out of African Black Soap. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform the soap into a liquid form.

As this soap is completely natural and full of rich nutrients and goodness, it is great for your skin. You can make this soap and keep it in a bottle like the way it has been mentioned above. This can help you to have healthy and better skin.

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