Bath Bombs

Why Are My Bath Bombs Cracking

Why Are My Bath Bombs Cracking? (How to Fix it)

A common problem people experience when making bath bombs is bath bombs cracking. The truth is bath bombs can crack for a variety of reasons, but in this article, we are going to try and take a closer look. So,…

How To Store Bath Bombs

How To Store Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are bath items that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bath bombs can last for a long time if they’re stored properly. So, how exactly should you be storing your bath bombs? Store bath bombs in…

How To Make Bath Bombs Fizz Longer

How To Make Bath Bombs Fizz Longer

Everyone loves bath bombs and the relaxing atmosphere they help create. What’s not to love about a bath bomb? They fizz, they smell great, and they make your bath water feel luxurious. But sometimes, you just want your bath bomb…

How to dry bath bombs quickly

How To Dry Bath Bombs Quickly

When you are making bath bombs you want to be able to empty your molds as soon as possible so you can start on another batch, but they are just not dry enough yet. What do you do? How can…

how to get bath bombs out of molds

How To Get Bath Bombs Out Of Molds

Bath bombs are a great way to relax and enjoy a bath, but making them can sometimes be difficult. Occasionally they just don’t want to come out of the mold. There are a few simple tricks that you can use…

can I put a bath bomb in my hot tub

Can I Put A Bath Bomb In My Hot Tub?

Bath bombs are relaxing, soothing, and are a lot of fun to use. However, the same can be said for hot tubs. You would think these two things must go together well then right? Well, not so fast. Let’s look…

what to use as a bath bomb mold

What To Use As A Bath Bomb Mold?

If you don’t have a bath bomb mold, there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of common household items that can be repurposed into bath bomb molds. Simply choose an item that is the size and shape that you…

bath bomb colorants that do not stain

Best Bath Bomb Colorants That Do Not Stain

If you are planning to make bath bombs at home but are unsure of the colors to choose and want colorants that do not stain, you are at the right place. Here, we have reviewed the best bath both colorants…

can you use bath bombs while pregnant

Can You Use Bath Bombs While Pregnant?

Bath bombs are usually associated with self-care and pampering, and many women love putting bath bombs on their tubs as it adds a layer of excitement to their normal self-care routines. Imagine how the bath bomb fizzes, melting and producing…

what are shower steamers

What Are Shower Steamers? (And How Do You Use Them)

Shower steamers are more popular than ever with everyone looking to get soothing and relaxing bath accessories. Shower steamers are also known as shower fizzies are somewhat similar to bath bombs and at the same time, they are vastly different….