Essential Oils

essential oils for lava beads

Essential Oils for Lava Beads (And Benefits)

Do you love the smell of essential oils? Do you like to wear jewelry that has a personal touch? If so, you should consider using essential oils on lava beads! Lava beads are porous, which means they can absorb the…

raven essential oil benefits

Raven Essential Oil Benefits

Raven essential oil is an oil that has been gaining more popularity in recent years. It has numerous benefits and is a combination of several different essential oils. Let’s take a closer look at raven essential oil. What is Raven…

benefits of lava beads

The Benefits Of Lava Beads

These beads come in a variety of colors, but all have the same therapeutic properties. Lava beads can be used for a variety of purposes, such as improving your mood, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation. Benefits of Lava Beads Lava…

valor essential oil

Valor Essential Oil (Uses And Benefits)

Valor essential oil is a popular oil that has many therapeutic benefits. It is a blend of several different oils, including spruce, Ho wood, frankincense, and blue tansy. Let’s take a closer look at valor essential oil and it’s benefits….

make incense sticks with fragrance oils

How to Make Incense Sticks with Fragrance Oils

Making incense sticks with fragrance oils is a fun and easy way to add a touch of scent to any room. You can use any type of essential oil or fragrance oil in this project, so choose your favorite scent…

melissa essential oil so expensive

Why Is Melissa Essential Oil So Expensive?

Melissa essential oil is not only expensive but is also very powerful. In this article, you will find out what makes the melissa essential oil so expensive and what are the benefits of using this type of essential oil. So,…

How To Clean Lava Rock Essential Oil Bracelets (Lava Beads)

Lava beads have become a popular choice for diffusing essential oils because of their natural porous properties. However, over time, the essential oils may leave a residue on the beads that can affect the smell and overall experience of using…

how many drops in 10ml essential oil

How Many Drops In 10ml Essential Oil (Answered)

If you go through a lot of essential oils or are planning a project or recipe that calls for a specific number of essential oil drops then it is important to know exactly how much you are working with. So,…