How To Package Shower Streamers (Packing and Shipping)

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Packing and shipping are some of the most important parts of running your own business. If you don’t package your products correctly, they can be damaged in transit or arrive late. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to know about packing shower steamers.

How To Package Shower Streamers

1. Boxes For Package Shower Steamers

Boxes are considered to be among the best stuff to pack such kinds of materials. Beautiful boxes impact psychologically customers and can be customized easily and accordingly.

Some people often prefer boxes for beauty products and like to cover their shelves with them. You might also be one among them!

Yes, showers steamer boxes look good on packing but how do you choose them? Right? So, there are no particular choices while getting the box, it depends on your customer preference and the product brand that you are trying to pack. Now, let’s discuss a few aspects to consider while packing shower steamers.

Material To Be Used For Packaging With Boxes

The material you use for packing will decide the quality of the packaging. Kraft paperboard, white paperboard, realized paperboards are among the most prominent materials for making boxes for packaging.

These days people are getting environmentally conscious, so, if you try to package shower steamers with eco-friendly materials like paperboard and kraft board then your brand might get a special place in the industry as well as customer orbit. For packaging purposes of shower steamer and keeping the thing in mind that cardboard boxes may get wet and deteriorate, companies have designed waterproof cardboards to make you free to use them.

Packaging is incomplete without the coating. The coating gives your product a finished and decent look, you can coat your box with some glittery foil or matte laminate and make it classy and cute.

How You Can Make Your Product Stand Out

Using catchy words on the boxes is always helpful in bringing the attention of people who are fond of luxurious things. You don’t have to do anything extra but just put some heavy and luscious words that can convince the customer that they are about to buy something expensive and worthy because the competition on the rack is all about looking different and catching as much attention as they could as people are finding different products from others.

If you are someone who can not afford creativity from your workers because of lack of time then you can take the help of embossing, foil stamping, or metalized printing.

Closing Styles In Shower Steamer Boxes

Boxes look better with a decent opening and closing method and thus it is important to have a good and creative system for it.

Several choices are there that look pretty in any kind of shower and steamer packaging like from, multipack, family pack, single product.

Boxes with straight tucks, reverse tuck packets, lock bottom cases, half packets,top-tuck boxes, two-piece crates, boxes with crash bottom, sleeve packaging are some of the closing styles that you can use.

Boxes with display windows and cutouts work nicely with shower steamers. The benefit of such boxes is that they enable customers to smell the fragrance and see the product as well. When customers can see the product they get able to rely on the product and shop and thus make a good difference.

2. Wraps Or Foils

Foils and wraps are another way that you can pack your shower steamers. Foils and wrapper are good to go if you like to give the product its basic shape like rectangular or spherical and pit beautiful designs on it afterward.

Further, you can do DIY and use boxes along with wrapping. For this, you can wrap the steamers with colorful foil and put them in boxes that are transparent on the topside, which will look amazing! Below are a few extra things to consider to pack your shower steamers:

Material To Be Used For Wrapping

You can go with aluminum foil, paper, plastic, etc for wrapping. The packing material depends completely upon your preference, customer base, and availability, it just is appealing and stands out among the common ones.

Points To Ponder

Yes, there is no doubt that for wrapping there are fewer alternatives as compared to box and pouch packaging. But this can be your strength as you can make it more beautiful with some creativity and make it stand out from others. If you are going with the wrapping to package shower steamers then keep this thing in mind if you work efficiently on it then definitely it is going to reap your results than other packaging styles.

3. Bags and Pouches

Bags and pouches are the easiest of all ways to pack shower streamers, not much energy and skill is needed. The best thing about them is if you bring transparent pouches then you can draw creative designs on them which will be reflected beautifully with the product inside them.

Below are some points regarding the packaging of shower streamers using pouches and bags :

Material To Use While Packaging With Bags And Pouches

Polythene or plastic pouches and bags are environmental concerns but you don’t have to worry because just like steamer boxes, these options for biodegradable or environment-friendly packaging pouches are also available. You can cover the steamers with white or kraft paper bags which come with cute drawings over them to make them look pretty, but if your audience likes plastic bag covers then you have to find sulu bags or plastic that is made from biodegradable material. Yes, these are also available and if not then you can ask your manufacturer if he/she can avail you of this.

Extra Points To Keep In Mind While Packaging

You have two options for the label, either you buy such bags that come with it or you design your own and pair it with a packaging bag or pouch. In this also you can show your creativity for your customers who like fancy stuff and create a beautiful label and price them accordingly. But just don’t focus completely on creativity, make them informative as much.

In the end, it is important to note that you don’t pack shower steamer la in airtight jars or boxes because it can be explosive and harmful! 

How To Ship Shower Steamers

USPS cubic shipping through a site such as Pirate Ship is one of the most affordable ways to ship shower steamers.

When shipping, it is important to package the shower steamers in a way that minimizes the risk of them spilling or breaking. You should place them in a sturdy box and fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of box should I use to package my shower steamers?

You should use a sturdy box that is designed for shipping.

What type of packing material should I use?

You should use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to fill any empty spaces in the box.

Is it safe to ship shower steamers?

Yes, it is safe to ship shower steamers as long as they are properly packaged.

What is the best way to package shower steamers?

The best way to package shower steamers is by placing them in a sturdy box and filling any empty spaces with packing peanuts or bubble wrap.


Packaging shower steamers can at first seem challenging, but it is not as bad as it seems. Just remember that it is important to use the right materials and package them securely to prevent them from spilling or breaking. The most affordable way to ship shower steamers is through USPS cubic shipping.

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